Veterans Appreciate – in recognization of your service!

In my line of work I get the great honor and privilege of meeting and speaking to a number of veterans. It is always humbling and such a joy when I get the chance to meet and/or speak with a veteran. I have been witness to and assisted in how the interaction with a dog can transform their entire world.

I have seen a combat vet suffering from PTSD, unable to comfortably leave their own house, get out and begin to live a little more when the comfort of a service dog is by their side. The task of having to focus on their canine companion keeps their mind occupied enough that their anxiety levels diminish so they can walk into a store once again. The dog can alert prior to an attack so they feel safe, more in control and can enjoy being more self-sufficient.

I have seen a dog bring more freedom to an injured vet who can no longer walk unassisted but with the help of a dog they can get out and exercise more frequently. Their furry friend can help them if they happen to drop their keys, or keep them stable enough to not require the use of a walker, cane or human helper.

I have been told countless stories of veterans being denied housing or public access because they happen to have a service animal that exceeds the size requirements or is on some banned list. This should never be an issue they have to deal with. The sacrifices they have made and continue to make to keep our great country safe deserve recognition every single day.

In honor of this upcoming Veterans day, November 11 2015, I am running a special on my website. I would like to say THANK YOU to each and every Veteran, your service does not go unrecognized or unappreciated!! #VeteransAppreciation


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