Thanks and giving

As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us are planning on or are already spending time with loved ones. Maybe we are staying true to tradition, maybe we are starting our own new ones. Whatever we do, we are creating memories and moments that will stay with us for a very long time.

This year, as with the previous Thanksgiving, I am unable to make the trip to spend with my family (comes with the territory when being a business owner!). I am breaking from my tradition again and this year I am joining forces with some very dear friends and we are going to prepare and supply a Thanksgiving feast to some less fortunate. My son will be helping as I believe it is very important to teach our children by example and doing good deeds. In giving more we receive more.

Thanksgiving Pic

Take time to appreciate the intangibles in your life, take great pleasure in the smallest of things and count every single blessing you have.  Life is fragile and fleeting, the people and family we have surrounding us will not always remain so try not to take these moments or them for granted. Be kind, be loving, be compassionate to all people. You truly do not know their struggles and how just a kind word or a simple smile can transform their day.

I give thanks that I am able to give. I hope all have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend.

Take care




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