The loss of a furry friend.

Have you ever had an animal that chose you? That happened to my oldest son. He was being picked up at grade school, the car door was open when all of a sudden a scraggly little Shih-Tzu jumped into the passenger side right onto my sons lap. The dog, a little male with no collar or microchip, would not leave. We asked around and after a few days of continued searching and putting the word out he remained unclaimed. He never left my sons side and wound up being his best friend.


My son graduated high school and when he left home, his buddy (he was named Gizmo) accompanied him. When Gizmo fell ill with a large mass in his abdomen, my son took measures to get him proper care and healed him.

Then the unthinkable happened. My son came home from work one day and discovered Gizmo, lying in his favorite spot on the bed but not moving. My son knew immediately what had occurred. Gizmo had passed on, crossing over that rainbow bridge to the greenest of grasses and copious amounts of treats.

It has been about a year since that mournful day when my son buried his furry friend, even holding a small service with some family members. He still does not even want to talk about getting another dog. But he recalls with laughter the time at the park when Gizmo barked for the first time at a cat that was playing. Or the many trips Gizmo took with us, riding in the car with his head out the window while sitting on my sons lap. He truly loved his car rides!

shih-tzu in car

Even though we will have the loss to deal with eventually, it’s those precious memories that we recall with fondness. The special times and all the happiness and joy that only a furry companion can bring to our lives. They enrich our souls, every day is unconditional love from them. Every day is like the first time they get to see us and love us.

So cherish those moments, each and every one of them. You are making memories that will keep you smiling for years to come! Yes, the pain will come, it will be deep and it will be intense. But the love and moments shared will outweigh that sadness, and eventually it won’t be quite as heavy a load to bear. I dread the day my Venus passes on, I know it will happen as that is the circle of life. But I have so much joy in my heart because of her that I know the sunshine will prevail through the storm.

Take care



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