Lessons for life from a dog trainer.

It is the holiday season, for me that means opening my home to four-legged guests.  There are people that tend to use this time to travel and take advantage of my boarding/training options. While they are enjoying family time, their furry family members are getting some training and playtime of their own. Due to the unique way I set up my training and boarding, the dogs will live with me and my family. I do not have kennels, and because the space and time is limited, I only take select cases in advance. This ensures the dogs receive the proper care but, most important, necessary training while in my home.

Because the dogs live with me, I tend to get an up close and personal view of their little quirks and tricks. It makes the training sometimes challenging, so I have to be open-minded, patient and resourceful. I have a pegboard above my main desk with a couple lists of positive quotes. I try to incorporate into my daily routines. This image is one of them:


It is remarkable how most of those transfer into dog training. Being a dog trainer requires a certain level of patience, resilience and creativity. You are constantly learning with each dog you encounter. You will come across a dog that challenges you in ways others have not. You will have to get creative to tap into what makes them tick so you can get the positive responses you seek.  This line of thinking can also transfer into dealing with people as well. There will be some that enter or maybe are already in your life that require a certain level of patience and creativity to deal with.

As 2016 approaches, it will come with its own set of challenges. That is the way of life, full of ups and downs, ebbs and flows.  Face those challenges head-on, just like I do when I encounter a challenging dog. If you are open to the process you will learn not only a few things about the individual and/or situation but also about yourself. Self-improvement is never a bad thing so embrace the opportunity. Make the New Year a great one, enter each day with a positive outlook and a smile. As they say, every dog has its day!

Take care





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