Living your passion has endless rewards.

I apologize for being silent for so long, things have been very hectic and chaotic at best! I should be back to a normal schedule now. This particular blog will be somewhat different from my others as I am going to provide you with a little personal insight into me, why I chose this field and what it brings to me.

I often hear that what I do must be rewarding. My response is always a resounding YES! But the reasons why have evolved, just like life itself does. When I first began this chapter of my life it was under different circumstances. There was some fulfillment but it was overshadowed by other elements in my life that prohibited me from fully enjoying or even understanding what I was doing. A couple of years ago I was at a cross-roads. I have never been one to take the easy way, so the choice was simple enough although the application has been one of the most challenging of my life thus far. I would not change my path for anything. I chose to continue with the training and teachings I had received, venture out on my own to try and make a difference one life at a time.

Service Dog at Red Rock Casino

Words cannot explain how it touches my heart when I see a life change before my eyes from one of the dogs I have trained. I meet an autistic child and in the beginning they are so closed off from the world. Their parents are desperate to make a connection. As we work together with the dog and the child, we see an improvement, they begin to interact more and by the time we are finished I am receiving a hug from a child that just months before wouldn’t accept any kind of contact. The elderly person wanting to maintain some level of independence, and I allow them to have that with a dog trained for balance work, picking items up and opening/closing doors. The disabled vet battling with anxieties and issues society really does not understand. I can provide them with some sense of control in their otherwise chaotic world.

I am reminded almost daily how the simplest of things taken for granted by the masses can change just one persons entire existence. It is a life-altering journey that I am proud and honored to have be a part of. I believe my life has been changed just as much as each person I am able to help along the way.  I see where I am making the world brighter for the people I am blessed to encounter and lucky enough to be able to help. So, yes it is very rewarding, that I am blessed to be doing what I call my passion. Live your dreams, do not let obstacles or hardships stop you from going after what your heart desires and you will be able to say the same!



One thought on “Living your passion has endless rewards.

  1. Very true. All of it. These dogs help in so many ways. I don’t know what I would do without Charlie. He’s always there when I need him. Thank you for everything you do, everyday. I got my buddy back and it keeps me going. Thank you a million times.


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