Introducing a new member to the family.

Are you considering introducing a new pet to your existing one? We have only ever had dogs in our house, but we were in a position just a few days ago where a kitten was abandoned and we had a chance to bring it home and add it to our family.

This could only be successful if we were confident with the existing dog and her ability to accept the new addition. Over the course of more than 4 years Venus has seen hundreds of dogs come and go in both the kennel and in her own home environment. She hadn’t encountered a cat before but her temperament never gave me any cause for concern. As expected, she was curious, the kitten was not interested and slightly fearful but after just a couple of days they accept each other. No more hissing, and the kitten is even becoming somewhat curious of Venus now.


Whether you have a dog and plan on bringing in another dog/cat or vice versa, one thing to consider is the temperament of the existing animal. Are they already possessive or maybe somewhat aggressive, very “Alpha” in their home environment? Will they accept the other animal and allow them to coexist peacefully? Will it be fair to all involved to bring the other animal in? These are all questions that should be asked and answered truthfully and honestly when making this consideration. If needed get some professional training before the new addition. Having one dog under control in the house will help with the transition and also your sanity!

Animals can live together happily, but it is our responsibility as pet owners to ensure the safety and happiness of all animals involved. If you have any doubts or have experienced previous rejection from your current pet be a responsible pet owner and don’t continue making the same mistakes. A failed attempt only means another animal is going to be taken to the shelter or sent to another household with hopes it works out better. Consult with a local trainer to see if they can give you an evaluation of your existing dog. ┬áMost should be more than happy to help especially if it could keep a dog from being turned into a shelter or rescue.



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