How to teach your dog…?

If you do a search for dog training tips, you can find thousands of tips, advice, and ways to train your dog. There are tips to train your dog to give hugs, high five, or advice as to dealing with aggressive dogs, potty training, walking on leash, etc. This is not going to be one of those blogs. I want to touch base on a theme you will most likely see throughout blogs on starting any kind of dog training.

One common requirement for beginning any type of training is what is typically referred to as a “sterile environment”. ┬áThis means you work in a place where you have the most control over the distractions, where it is just you and your dog and you can focus on the task at hand.


A sterile or quite environment is crucial when first starting any training. Even if the dog has had training, if you are going to be teaching them a new task you must begin from scratch so they are focused strictly on you and what you are teaching your dog. I often use the analogy with my clients as to building a house, you must have a strong foundation before you can begin to put up the walls. This quite time with you and your dog will help imprint the new task quicker, it builds the bond stronger and helps ensure that foundation is solid before moving forward with the distractions. Distractions are necessary to reinforce the command, but you can’t get to the level of distraction work without first working in silence and one-on-one.


Enjoy your time learning together no matter the task!



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