Welcome to my blog page. My name is Rebecca, I am the owner of Goldstar Service Dog Center. I started this blog to provide information and educate people about service dogs. But I have much more to chat about and will write about my life and lessons learned. I hope you enjoy but also learn something. Now, a synopsis of my company.

Goldstar Service Dog Center is a multi-faceted company that provides a variety of services.

We can register your service dog or emotional support animal. We have service dog materials such as vests, patches, leashes and more.

We can acquire and train a service dog for you. We specialize in training service dogs for individuals with mobility issues, PTSD and companion dogs, and dogs for autistic persons.

If you are in the Las Vegas, NV or surrounding areas we also have basic obedience training available. With this program we come to your home, work with you and your dog in its natural environment, teaching you some of the skills that can assist you in helping to make your dog a better member of your family. Most dogs wind up in shelters because of lack of training, so we try and keep the dog in its home by teaching the owners how to address some of those bad habits.

Our local training program is not limited to just basic obedience. We can also help train your dog for service dog work, PTSD or companion/emotional support. An evaluation of the dog and its temperament is necessary to see if it qualifies for this type of training.

In some cases, we also have boarding available. Our spaces are limited, please contact us for more information.

Visit our website for more details on our prices, packages and product:



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